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Information about my Math 60 (Intermediate Algebra) and Math 90 (Precalculus Algebra) Courses- Fall 2017

How do the Math 60 and Math 90 Hybrid courses work?

These are HYBRID classes, meaning the classes are mostly online but meet on-campus once each week for 2 hours.  Students learn the material primarily from reading the textbook and using online materials.  All testing takes place in-person.  There is online homework (http://www.webassign.net), as well as hand-written homework.  Students regularly participate in online discussion forums about mathematics. These courses cover exactly the same material as a standard face-to-face course for Math 60 or Math 90 (in other words, they will not be "easier" or more time-efficient).


Who should take an online math course?  Students who...

  • feel comfortable learning mathematics by reading a textbook
  • do not feel they need daily lectures
  • possess the self-discipline, self-motivation, and time management skills required to work on mathematics independently every day
  • are patient with technology and learning new software and have reliable internet access
  • are local and on campus regularly, since we have weekly meetings.

Are you a good fit for an online course?

I recommend taking the following survey to determine if you are a good fit for an online course:   http://www.ccsf.edu/Departments/Distance_Education/self_eval.htm

***Mandatory*** Orientation Session and class meetings

  • There will be a mandatory orientation for each course at our first class meeting:  

Math 90 Sec. 831:  Tuesday, Aug. 22, 2-4 pm, Batmale 653

Math 60 Sec. 831:  Thursday, Aug. 24, 10am – 12, HC 204

Math 60 Sec. 832:  Thursday, Aug. 24, 2 - 4pm, HC 203

Bring your CCSF photo ID to the Orientation.  

  • Registered students who miss the orientation will be withdrawn from the course.
  • Students who wish to add the course must attend the Orientation.
  • After the initial orientation, the class will meet EVERY week at this same class time.  Attendance is required, so do not enroll in any other class meeting at this time.
  • In-class exams will be held at the class meetings.
  • Our final exam date and time are will be announced during the class.
Assignments Summary -- each student is required to do all of the following:
  1. Attend the orientation and the weekly class meetings.
  2. Submit online homework and weekly quizzes (through WebAssign), and handwritten homework (submitted in class).
  3. Take all in-person exams and the Final Exam.
  4. Participate in the discussion forums regularly.
  5. Browse the course web site regularly to read online announcements.
Initial Contact

Approximately 2-4 days prior to the start of class, I will send an email to all registered students with important information about the course.  Please check your CCSF student email address to be sure you don’t miss this email!  If you don’t receive this email, contact me at: speterso@ccsf.edu .

Textbook and Online Homework 

The required textbook for each course is: 

Math 60:  Intermediate Algebra 5e by Alan S. Tussy and R. David Gustafson,  (5e means 5th edition)      
             Publisher: Cengage Learning/ Brooks-Cole

Math 90:  College Algebra 6e by James Steward, Lothar Redline, Saleem Watson (6e means 6th edition)                                                                         Publisher: Cengage Learning/ Brooks-Cole

For both Math 90 and Math 60, you may use the paper textbook or an e-book.  I recommend the paper textbook, but it's more expensive.  

You will need an access code for WebAssign, the online homework, video, and quiz software that goes with the textbook.  Many times, the WebAssign access code comes with the paper textbook if the textbook is new, and not used.  The CCSF math department has negotiated for special pricing on this book from the publisher. This might mean that the CCSF bookstore has the best price on the book.  So I recommend checking the CCSF bookstore before buying the book elsewhere online.  Buy the version that has the WebAssign access included.

If you choose an e-book instead of a paper textbook, you will purchase a WebAssign access code with the e-book included.  You will view the e-book from inside WebAssign. 

ADDING Procedure for Prospective Students   

  • If the course is filled before classes start, put your name on the official CCSF Wait List.  (You access the Wait List from the same place where you register for courses.)
  • If the Wait List is filled, check regularly, as spots constantly open up.
  • If you are on the Wait List, watch your CCSF email -- you will be emailed when a spot opens up, and you only have 1-2 days to take the spot.
  • Anyone who wishes to add must come to the Orientation on the first day.  This includes Wait List students, or anyone who has been unable to get on the Wait List.  Students will be added as space permits.  Wait List students will get first priority.

I look forward to seeing you in August if you choose Math 60 or Math 90 Hybrid!

Sara Peterson

FERPA Disclaimer

The Math 60 course is taught in a format that combines multiple sections into one online course environment and allows students in one section to view or comment on the work of students in another section of the same course being taught by the same instructor. If you have any concerns about this, please contact your instructor for more details or to request special arrangements.

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Teaching Schedule Spring 2017

1) Math 90 Hybrid Sec. 831 Tues 2 - 4 pm 
2) Math 60 Hybrid Sec. 831 Thurs 10am - 12 
3) Math 60 Hybrid Sec. 832 Thurs 2 - 4 pm 
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