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Course Information. Please read carefully:

PE 202 was completely designed to be done online so you can work out and learn on your own time!
The course will utilize CCSF's Insight online course interface which is a standardized online format for teaching and learning online.
Interactive Fitness is an online fitness course with online assignments, testing, and discussion.
You will learn how to improve fitness utilizing pulse/heart rate monitoring, strength training and nutrition.
You will learn how to create a balanced life long exercise program training both the cardiovascular and strength systems.

The course is not a self paced course. It is important that students stay up to date with each new weekly released teaching mudule
as the discussions and tasks will move right along.
Instructor to student contact will be through the course's built in forums, assignment feedback and external email (
It is expected that discussions and assignments be submited by the posted module's due date. However, discussions and assignments
may be submitted after the deadline but may not be read or commented on by the instructor until time permits. 
Therefore, it is very important to stay up to date and submit by the due date.

After enrolling, your name will be on my master list in which near the beginning of the semester you will be notified (via your CCSF student gmail) additional course information. 
Please read this
 important information regarding CCSF student gmail email accounts.

Beginning the first day of the semester, you will then be able to log into the CCSF Insight system and begin the course.
If you have been issued an add code and are adding the course once the semester has begun then it will take approximately
24 hours (business) from the time you actually added the course to the time that you will be able to log in.
There is no on-site / on campus orientation. The orientation will take place online with in the course.
Click here for a link to the PE 202 course syllabus
There is no need to contact me directly prior to the class but if you wish, you may contact me via email at:
note: [at] =@

Important!! in the subject line put in PE 202 . Please include your full name AND student id number (not ss #).

Information before we get started:

  1. All students must have a valid email address. This email address must be listed in your CCSF Web4 account as well.
    If you change your email address please remember to update it in your Web4 account.
    Please note that some "Hot mail" accounts have problems with the CCSF email system.
    Please note that all correspondence will take place via CCSF's automatic student gmail accounts. Please review these links regarding the new CCSF gmail email systems. All student-teacher email correspondence will now take place via this account.
    -Student email set up -Student email log in

    It is strongly suggested that you set up automatic forwarding to your personal email account. Information on setting this up is available here.

  2. There is no on-site orientation. The orientation process will be conducted online!

  3. There are no text books required. All materials will be online.

  4. On the first day of the semester, those names already enrolled will be uploaded into the online course in which you will have access to the course. At this time you will have 2 weeks to complete the online orientation and to obtain any other related course materials.

  5. Once we get started, I would prefer all communication with me to take place via email. If for some reason you are having problems you should review the troubleshooting information on the Insight page first.

  6. If you are requesting an add code, please send me an email with PE 202 Interactive Fitness in the subject line AND in the body of the email include your full name AND student id number (not your ss #).
    Please note that this course fills up fast and can close (at my discretion) at any time after the first week.

  7. Please review CCSF's online Course evaluation to see if you are ready and qualify to take an online course. You should be proficient and "web savvy" enough to handle email and web browsing (among other things) on your own. You must also have access to a working and somewhat "modern day" computer. You will not be able to complete this course if you do not meet the above criteria. 

  8. If you plan to be a "fitness center only" user, you MUST email me telling me so.


To access Insight, you will need to go to:
http://insight.ccsf.eduTo access the course you will need to log into the web site with a username and password. 1. If you have NOT used Insight at City College this academic year, you will receive an email to your CCSF student gmail account containing information for how to log in to Insight and access this course. Please look for this email to be delivered to you around the first day of classes. It is strongly suggested that you set up automatic forwarding to your personal email account. Information on setting this up is available here.
2. If you HAVE taken an online course in Insight at City College this academic year, you can use your old username and password. If you have forgotten your password, please follow the instructions on this web page for resetting your password yourself:

Insight tutorial video >>

If you do not receive the Welcome to Insight email try the following (provided it has been at least 24 hrs (business) from the time that you officially added the class:

a: Insight now fully works in IE, Chrome, Safari, and Firefox. The URL is
In most mail programs, the above URL (Web address) will appear as a link that you can just click to access Insight. If it doesn't automatically link, then copy and paste the address into the address line at the top of your web browser window.
b: Your Username is ALMOST like your student ID:
Change W to w: If your student ID begins with a letter such as "W" you will need to use a lowercase letter for your Insight Username. So W199992864 becomes w199992864
Change @ to x: If your student ID begins with an @ symbol, change the @ to a lowercase x.
So @199992864 becomes x199992864
c: Your starting Password is changeme (all one word, no spaces, all lower case). You will be asked to change your password the first time you log into Insight.

If you encounter any technical issues with the course or password problems please refer to CCSF's Insight home page. Instructors do not have the ability to re-set passwords.

Further help at Online Course Support Center
·   Changing your password
·   Editing your profile
·   Accessing your classes
·   Frequently asked questions
Even more help:
On the main Insight page, on the left, you will see a block titled, Technical Support with a link to our Online Course Support Center. You can also complete an online Student Help Ticket 7 days a week between 9 am and midnight (PST).
Technical support is available at: or directly at:

Let's have a great semester!