Dana Jae's City College of San Francisco Instruction Site

Teaching Schedule     FALL 2015

BCST120 - Basic Audio Production (Lecture)
T & Th  mornings
9:10a - 10:30a

Beginning Sound Recording Studio
T & Th evenings  5:30p - 9:45p
 ARTX165 & Control Room
BCST125B  -
Intermediate Sound Recording Studio 

T &Th evenings  5:30p - 9:45p
ARTX165 & Control Room
Advanced Sound Recording
T & Th days
1:00p - 4:00p
ARTX165 & Control Room

Office Hours Fall 2015
 Tue          11a-12p
 Wed     11a-12p

 or via email

The first day of classes for the Fall 2015 semester is Monday, August 17th.